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Sunday, November 24, 2013


i'd tried to get rid of Mr.E from my journey life but this morning im realize that i cant..just cant...sakit nya rasa! kalau mcm nie tak kan i need to take pain killer everyday??tak nak tak nakkkk TAK NAK!

rindu tok pah..tokwan..walid...and teja ugakkk..sakit nya rasa rindu...nak balikkkkk..january 2014..please come faster...wanna go home...chinese new year meyh! confirm cuti pnjangggg...totally cant wait nak hug tokpahhh..

ermm almost 2 months have been employed as an assistant of quantity surveyor...kenkadang rase nk quit pasal stress keje dlm bidang construction..exhausted! duhaii hati...sabar lah sayanggg

yang penting skrg mmg rase sakit and rase nak bringg my day tmrw huu??hope every single thing would be okayy then..

time to sleep....lots of love...xoxo :'(

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