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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Movie marathon

Nie entry  pasal cter smlm...
1st time ever tgok movie 3 cter non stop..
Is it consider bla bla bla watch this 3 movie...ALONE?
Tapi best la tgok movie sorang2...
Smpy staff kaunter tiket da pndg semacam..
Dok ulang beli tiket..
Eh..suka hati la duit kita kannn...heee

The mortal instrument was great..
the conjuring totally give me the heart attack even cter dy xde la seram mane..*berlagaknya*
And the elysium give me the future that will never exist..walau cter dy agak besh...

Tue je laa...byee

P/s: konvo next week..masing2 xnak mengalah kan??finee...aku g sniri laa cmtue...payah sgt! Ehh kat mane nak cari striping honda icon yg boleh design sniri?finally minnie mouse aku da tanggal kan pasal sume ckp x matang??what da heck is it huu?? =_=

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